Projects & Events

What we dream

We dream of children taking up a rightful place in society, who care for their fellow brothers and sisters of South Africa. Children who do not judge on colour, economic status or ability. Children who love God and strive to make a difference wherever they go. In order to enable this dream, we at Pure Hope envisage a combined school up to Grade 9 in the short term and ultimately a high school with opportunities to develop every individual to his/her full potential.

Get involved

Volunteers join the school to provide individual attention to children. A homework program is provided for our primary school learners. Pure Hope School is 100% dependent on sponsorship and volunteers in order to continue to care for the children the way we do. Pure Hope School are for children that cannot afford to attend a crèche or school at any cost. School fees are a mere R 100 per month to attend the school. At the moment, cost per child equals R 1500 per month. 

We sincerely invite you to be part of our project.

We welcome visitors at any time!